Art Commission Packages

$250.00 - $1,150.00
Art Commission Packages

COMMISSION PRICING is based on the number of feature elements you want in the final design. Please scroll through the product photos to see examples of different artworks and element combinations.

CUSTOM ART COMMISSIONS by Nick Coward make an amazing and unique gift for the motorsports lover in your family or team. The final product is a one-of-a-kind drawing in the unique digital format that allows you to print-on-demand at any size you can dream of! Custom print packages of your artwork are available as an additional service.


- One angle of a car/bike/truck is a single element. Each additional angle is a single element.
- One portrait/candid angle is a single element.
- One name header is a single element.
- One full frame track background is a single element.
- One sponsor logo package (up to 10 logos) is a single element.

So for example: A typical poster style design with one name header, two cars and a sponsor package would be a 4 element design.

Simply add together how many elements you want in your final design and pay the appropriate amount below. I'll be in touch immediately to figure out the final details. Please note that if any errors or changes are made the final estimate is subject to change. Credits or refunds are available for over-payments.

If you are still having trouble figuring out how many elements your final piece will have please email me at [email protected].

Turnaround time is currently 6-8 weeks.